Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Was it really February 1st that I posted last?!
I guess so...
It's been really tough, though. I just haven't had the time to post! I've barely even been able to browse through the blogs I enjoy. But I DID get the mobile done finally. I wish I could get some advice from other bloggers out there... Is there anyone else out there who has/had very young, dependent children at the same time they started to blog and start creating? How did you manage your time? How did you get it all done?
It's definitely tough.
But anyways, I did it.
I hope the mobile survives the trip.
Fun it was, though.
Rolling the copper wire through the old rolling mill to get some funky curvy do-dads to hang the mobile from... punching out the copper and trying out the blue patina again:

It's a bit of a stinky process, however. You have to sprinkle the copper with water and salt, and leave it enclosed with an open container of ammonia for a while. But the blue is really pretty!
The mobile grew somehow... it turned out a lot bigger than I planned! It's a bit of a jellyfish, I guess:

Ah! Isn't the wallpaper grand?! And the shades too! Especially the broken one!!
Alas, I have no pleasant area to take a photograph at the moment, and my camera is a simple one. But here are a few more pictures of the mobile for the swap, before I sign off:

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